Monday, December 31, 2018

I've come to realize that most bloggers open a blog without knowing the meaning of niche. Before anyone wishes to go into blogging this is the first thing you should know. Without furtherado let's go into today's topic

Meaning of niche
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MEANING OF NICHE: In blogging niche simply mean what your blog is all about i.e what you're blogging about, what you intend to use the blog for...

Since we've looked at what niche is all about, I'll list some kinda niche that will help you know what to go into just like topic says EXPLANATORY MEANING OF NICHE.

  1. SPORT NICHE BLOG: This type of niche hlog involves blogging about sport this could include transfer news ,livescores, injury news all concerning sports.
  2. NEWS NICHE BLOG: News niche you involves giving updates concerning happenings around you, could include politics, celebrity news.
  3. EDUCATIONAL NICHE BLOG: Educational niches, if you are in this niche or thinking about going into this niche,your job is to give latest posts concerning education i.e scholarships, helping students to study/giving them help on how to pass exams e.t.c
  4. MMO(MAKE MONEY ONLINE) NICHE BLOG: This niche kinda fall under business, it gives help on how to make money online legitimately, it could be affliate marketing, email marketing e.t.c
  5. TECH NICHE BLOG: This type of niche gives update on tech which includes giving software updates, phones, pc e.t.c
  6. HEALTH NICHE BLOG: Health niche involves giving health tips  maybe diets, right ways to take medications e.t.c.                                                                                   CONCLUSION: I hope this article was helpful. Do you think something is missing in this articles? or you have any question concerning this post kindly use comment box.